Unfolding Neurological and Neuropsychiatric
Complications due to Covid-19


What is NeuroCOVID, and what is missing in our understanding of this aspect of LongCOVID? What do we need to investigate to enhance prevention and treatment strategies? Moreover, what can we learn by engaging with the community of people living with this little-known condition as they share their hopes and fears with us?

Take a look at the following interviews with some of the NeuroCOV team members to learn about our research, methods, goals, and their contributions to the project.

Joachim L. Schultze
DZNE Group Leader and NeuroCOV Consortium Coordinator

Oliver Harschnitz
Research Group Leader – Neurogenomics Research Centre, Human Technopole

Anne-Marie Fors Connolly
Umeå University Group Leader

Agostino Riva
University of Milan