Unfolding Neurological and Neuropsychiatric
Complications due to Covid-19

Human Technopole

Human Technopole is a new international research institute in Milan, Italy, focused on life sciences and biomedicine, located at the heart of the Milan Innovation District. Human Technopole’s overarching mission is to improve human health and well-being by carrying out research in life sciences to develop novel approaches in preventive and personalised medicine. HT will train the next generation of leading scientists, and by setting up scientific services and facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology and scientific expertise, the institute will be at service to the national and international scientific community, promoting innovation and progress through technology transfer. Once fully operational, HT will employ over 1.000 scientists from all over the world.

Role within NeuroCOV

NE NeuroCOV is led by the Neurogenomics Centre and will involve experts across three Human Technopole’s Centres: Neurogenomics, Genomics and Computational Biology. The work will be supported by Human Technopole’s Facilities (Automated Stem Cell and Organoid, Genomics, Light Imaging and Flow Cytometry), and Scientific Support Units (Software Development and Data Curation, Cell Reference Brain Atlas, Tissue Processing, Advanced Cell Culture and Electrophysiology). HT researchers will study, at unprecedented resolution, the molecular mechanisms underlying the set of long-term neurological and neuropsychiatric sequelae of COVID-19 (referred to as ‘NeuroCOVID‘ ). The goal is to gain an actionable understanding of this emerging pandemic within the pandemic in order to improve risk prediction and develop new preventive and therapeutic approaches. The study will involve patients of all ages in several European countries and will engage ‘LongCOVID’ patient communities.

Main contacts

Photo of Giuseppe Testa
Giuseppe Testa

Head of Neurogenomics Research Centre

Photo of Piero Carninci
Piero Carninci

Head of Genomics Research Centre - Functional Genomics

Photo of Nicole Soranzo
Nicole Soranzo

Head of Genomics Research Centre - Population & Medical Genomics

Photo of Francesco Iorio
Francesco Iorio

Research Group Leader – Computational Biology Research Centre

Photo of Oliver Harschnitz
Oliver Harschnitz

Research Group Leader – Neurogenomics Research Centre, HT

Photo of Nicolò Caporale
Nicolò Caporale

Senior Postdoc – Neurogenomics Research Centre

Photo of Emanuele Villa
Emanuele Villa

Staff Scientist – Neurogenomics Research Centre

Photo of Federica Marinaro
Federica Marinaro

Senior Scientific Project Manager - Neurogenomics Research Centre

Photo of Alessia Valenti
Alessia Valenti

PhD Student - Neurogenomics Research Centre